We plan 3 dives per day beginning the day following your arrival at God’s Pocket. The boat leaves the dock twice a day … one departure to include 2 dives, the other departure for one dive. Our resort is about 5 minutes from Browning Pass and the world famous Browning Wall. Other dive sites we frequent (weather and currents depending) include: Barry Islet, Fantasea Island, Nakwakto Rapids, Hunt Rock and various sites in Bates Pass, to name a few. We regularly scout new sites so our choice of dive spots is extensive, which means that no matter what the wind and tides are doing we always have a site that is suitable for the conditions.

 Dock dives are available after the boat dives are competed for the day. In front of the resort, the  water is usually 30-40 feet deep.

Shallow water is nice as your bottom time is limited more by cold tolerance than by nitrogen loading! Divers in the bay often report seeing Giant Nudibranchs, Puget Sound King Crabs, a variety of young rockfish, anemones, shrimp, and all sorts of other underwater life. Recently, several Giant Pacific Octopus have been making the bay their home and have been seen hunting among the pilings as we walk up the ramps from the boat.

PLEASE make sure your equipment is serviced and in good working condition. We have a limited “save the dive” kit and Port Hardy is an expensive boat ride away. IMPORTANT: We do require proof of certification (a “C” card) from all divers, or we can’t dive you. Those who are diving Nitrox, please remember your Nitrox Card.