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         1.   When is the best time to dive?

         Each season offers something different.

    Spring is a good time to witness everything being born. Lots of babies around!

    The small kelp beds are a nursery containing lots of young sealife. King crabs and octopus are seen

    in relatively shallow waters.

    The visibility is anywhere from 20-100 feet, depending on sunshine and air temperature.                       

    Summer offers light NW winds, some fog and more consistently clear water. Orcas and humpback           

    whales begin arriving in early March.

    Fall is similar to summer but with larger kelp beds.  After mid October the weather begins its

    south-east shift. This can bring in a little rougher water. The weather has to be real bad to not get into

    Browning Pass.                  

     2.    What can I expect to see?

In a nutshell, everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in great abundance!

3.    How much should I tip?

This is a common question and the most difficult to answer.  It is customary in this part of the world to leave a gratuity if your experience was enhanced due to the efforts of the Crew.

Tips are gracious accepted, however not expected.  Typically, people leave anywhere from 10% to 20% of their trip cost.

4.    Can I bring my Dog?

Dogs are welcome with open arms by all of the crew.  However, we ask that if you would like to bring your dog, please check in with us upon booking.  We would then canvass the group to make sure that there are no objections.

5.    Can I have my own room?

We are a very small operation and are limited in housing.  IF we have available space for someone to have their own room, there will be a 20% single supplement charge.  All our rates are based on double occupancy.  If the group is an odd number, then one person will, by default, end up with a room on their own.  There will be no supplement paid in this situation.

6.    Where do we meet?  What time?

We load the boat at 4pm on the “pick up” date of your trip.  The location will be at the Seagate Dock at the foot of Granville Street in Port Hardy.

7.  Is there a different rate for non divers?

Non divers are charged at the same rate as divers.