Luminous Sea by Richard Salas

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“‘Luminous Sea’  is the third and final installment of an epic trilogy. Richard Salas has once again outdone himself. This book documents an extended study of life in the oceans of the Pacific Northwest. Below the austere coastal landscapes of Washington, Canada, and Alaska, there is another world. In the bitterly cold, nutrient-dense water, water that would kill an unprotected human in fifteen minutes, there is a diverse explosion of life. Salas captures each moment in a masterful frame, once again illuminating the depths of our planet, revealing new dimensions of beauty, and deep mystery.

Salas has chosen a collection of quotations to illuminate the thoughtful, and some-times playful, emotional subtext of the images, and to express the subtleties of the interpersonal transactions he has with his subjects. The chosen quotes speak to an inner spark in all of us, and suggests that what makes us most human actually connects us to all life on earth.”

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