What to bring

1.  Certification cards and log book.

2.  All personal dive gear.  We will supply steel 85 cubic foot cylinders and weights.  These tanks are low pressure steel tanks (2640 psi).  If you want a larger tank you are welcome to bring your own.  Please let us know ahead of time.  You are fine to bring your own belts and weights.

3.  Alcohol and snack food.  We supply juice, hot liquids as well as cookies/muffins for in between meals.  If you like sodas or nuts/chips/chocolate bars and such, you will need to bring them.

4.  Sunglasses and sun block, hiking boots, rain jacket and warm clothing.

5.  Head lamp or small flashlight for evening or early morning.

6.  We supply all towels and linens.  We also have soap in a pump dispenser.  If you prefer bar soap you will need to bring your own.

7.  Shampoo/conditioner.

8.  All toiletries.

9.  Camera.

10.  Spare dive gear.  We have a limited save-a-dive kit.  It's best for you to pack spare parts rather than counting on us to have these for you.  Things like neoprene glue, aqua seal.  If your suit has latex seals, extra seals is a good idea.