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God’s Pocket is an off-grid dive lodge nestled in BC’s unique temperate rainforest in a protected bay on Hurst Island, northeast off the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. Located 10 nautical miles from the nearest town of Port Hardy, God’s Pocket is only accessible by sea or air and is the only standing man-made structure on the Island. The lodge is fully immersed in raw, unfiltered Canadian coastal nature.

Our lodge is your cozy launching pad for some of the best cold-water diving in the world. The world-famous Browning Pass is a short boat ride away, this unique ecosystem, where deep Ocean currents upwell and mix with nutrient rich surface waters, is filled with mind-blowing marine biodiversity and bio-density. This area supports dazzling reefs with brilliant red soft corals, bright yellow sponges, fields of giant white fluffy anemones and towering kelp forests. The fish life here is out of this world.

God’s Pocket is also your home base for incredible coastal kayaking in an area of the world where you can access raw nature right at your doorstep. Experiencing the rich intertidal and bird life from the seat of a kayak is not something to be missed. The hiking trails on Hurst Island ramble through a temperate rainforest with gigantic spruce, fir, hemlock and pine trees all covered in thick moss.

Between your adventures, relax on our Ocean front deck to watch the eagles and whales feeding in the pass or beside a campfire with a steaming drink in your hand.

Check out our Activities page for more information about our little slice of heaven.

Diver on Browning Wall. Photographer: Tiare Buoys
Bull kelp forest at Hussar Point Divesite. Photographer: Tiare Buoys

Traditional Territory

We would like to acknowledge the traditional territory of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw, Kwakiutl, and Tlatlasikwala First Nations who have been stewards of this land since time immemorial. We would also like to offer our respect to all the Elders who have gone before us and to the Elders and First Nation people who are with us today.





Sea to Sky

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We are open!

God’s Pocket has continued to operate throughout these challenging times. We are incredibly grateful to our crew and guests for their patience, kindness and dedication keeping each other safe during this pandemic.
For the past couple of seasons, we have drawn on industry best practices from around the world to put together a set of protocols that would keep both our guests and crew as safe as possible.

Over the last few years we have continued to run diving trips at God’s Pocket when permitted, and we are proud to say we scored an 4.8/5 in reviews from guests on how we handled operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also received constructive feedback, and have worked to implement changes where they’ve been possible. We’re extremely proud of how our crew managed the operations, and are confident that you too, will feel safe with our commitment to safe protocols at the lodge.




Michelle Golley

When I go to Gods Pocket all my needs are met . World class diving with great service from safety conscious , friendly staff. Plenty of good food and a warm comfortable bed at night all make for a fabulous experience

Bill Golley

God’s Pocket Resort has it all. Prettiest diving I have ever experienced, top drawer dive boat with a high speed lift and a crew that has years of experience reading the currents. Every jump is perfectly timed. But what really brings me back is the warm welcoming family atmosphere, the great staff and the yummy food.

Guest Review

We’ve enjoyed annual and even some semi-annual trips To God’s Pocket Resort. The diving is the best I’ve made anywhere, and the elevator on the boat is one of the most mentioned features of diving there. The new owners have installed a nitrox membrane system on the boat for quick and accurate fills, and the increased water pressure in the cabins makes the stay even more comfortable. I prefer visiting in the Spring for better water clarity and Belinda Miller’s cooking! B’s meals are a treat for cold, tired divers.

Guest Review

One of the things that brought Phil and I back to God’s Pocket seven times, is the multi-level diving. At every depth, different habitats present varied and colorful marine life that’s so enticing for photographers, both macro and WA. The pristine, underwater beauty at all the dive sites is staggering. We’re often surprised to find a bounty of a particular animal that has aggregated for mating, or we may be treated to an uncommon species. God’s Pocket has given us so many lasting memories that it’s impossible to choose just one!