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Life is much better, down where it’s wetter!

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The God’s Pocket area is said to be the best cold water diving IN THE WORLD!

Strong currents flow through the waters around Browning Passage for most of the day, mixing nutrients from the deep and surface waters creating the perfect environment for an incredible diversity of marine life to thrive in. 

The currents make the diving spectacular but they also make it challenging, and it requires experienced local expertise to drop divers in at the right time & the right place.

That’s where we come in. Our crew are experts on diving in the waters around GP, and will make a custom plan each day for your trip,  matching the weather, tides & currents to ensure you maximize your dives safely. Your safety is our first, second and third priority, followed closely by giving you the most incredible experience possible. Cold water and dry suit experience is an absolute must before diving at God’s Pocket. 

A week of diving at GP consists of a 6 night stay at our off grid lodge with 5 full dive days. Each dive day you will have the opportunity to go out on 3 boat dives, and you’ll be fed 3 delicious meals. Dives are typically 45min – 1hr long to match the slack tides, and when you’re done you’ll be hoisted up on our dive elevator without having to take off a single fin. Night dives in the bay are offered on select nights.

Come Dive with us at God’s Pocket Resort!

Our packages include the use of one 85 cubic foot LP steel tank per guest, and all the compressed air you’ll need. We also have lots of lead, so you don’t need to travel with the two heaviest bits of your gear if you don’t want to! We don’t carry any other gear on the island, so you’ll need to bring the rest of your kit. We also require that divers bring/wear a dive computer and SMB.

Nitrox (32%) is available on site, using a Nuvair Nitrox Membrane system. Extremely safe and consistent! There is a charge for a Nitrox fill (CA$0.14 per cubic foot of tank capacity), and you’ll need to provide proof of nitrox certification upon arrival.

While we will occasionally pull together a trip of individuals ourselves, trip weeks are generally reserved by a dive shop or club, or a group of friends. To book a spot, you’ll need to reach out to the trip leader in charge of the week. They will provide you with both availability and pricing for their week.

Please note: all divers are required to have a minimum of 100 total dives with a minimum of 50 of those dives in cold water/drysuit.

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If you’re interested in booking an entire week, please reach out to team@godspocket.com. Please reach out well in advance – the weeks during our season typically sell out quickly!

Our dive seasons run from mid-March to the end of May, and mid-August to the end of October, every year.