About God's Pocket Resort

God’s Pocket Resort has a long history, it began as a single wood cabin built in 1907. This cabin has been used for many things over the years and it still exists today functioning as our galley and dining hall where everyone gathers to eat the delicious meals prepared by our talented chefs. The private bay we sit in is a safe little pocket, protected from the area’s impressive storms – which is how the lodge earned its name.

History of GP

The little sheltered bay has served many functions over the years

Hurst Island is the traditional territory of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw, Kwakiutl, and Tlatlasikwala First Nations who have been stewards of this land since time immemorial.

When European immigrants arrived they built a homestead on Hurst Island. Reportedly they had livestock and grew garlic, a crop that grows well in the cooler climate to supplement their other seasonal work such as fishing and logging. Because of God’s Pocket location as one of the last safe harbours before traveling North entering the often-deadly waters around Cape Caution, this little bay became a gathering place for the remote communities around Northern Vancouver Island.  In those days everybody traveled by boat as roads were scarce and unreliable and most people made their living by fishing or logging, often ranging huge distances along the rugged coast. During storms, little boats would gather in the bay waiting for a break in the weather to row or sail around the Cape and travel North along the coast. The bay got its name from the fishermen who rowed their little fishing boats South through Hecate Strait, they used to say “if we can make it past Cape Caution to the safe bay in Christie Pass then we will surely be in the Pocket of God” and the name ‘God’s Pocket’ stuck.

Famous Canadian painter E.J. Hughes captured God’s Pocket Bay in his 1962 painting Christie Passage, Hurst Island BC. In the painting you can see the corner of the dining hall (built in early 1900’s, well over 100 years old and still in use today) and the old fuel dock where one of the coastal liners is tied up amongst a fleet of small wooden fishing vessels.

Over the years the bay served as a post office, a general store, a fuel dock, a shipyard (where a number of boats were built, one of which is still sailing the coast today), a sports fishing lodge and eventually a world-renowned dive and kayak destination.

In the 1980’s Molly and Harry took possession of God’s Pocket and introduced cold water diving to their guest activities. Bill and Annie took over next and started running dive and kayak charters full time. They ran God’s Pocket for over 20 years building up a stellar reputation with clientele from all over the globe and putting God’s Pocket on the map as a world-renowned dive and kayak destination. Many guests today have fond memories of Annie’s sparkling humour and hospitality and Bill’s unparalleled knowledge of dive sites, local marine life, and his ability to fix just about anything.

In 2019, Claus and Antoine took over the lodge, and have been working hard to maintain the diving mecca (in some unprecedented and challenging times), and continue to build towards a vision of mindful- and nature-retreats in the diving off-season.

Divers who have participated in a night dive in the bay have seen the large number of glass bottles and crockery that sit on the bottom. These relics came from the boats who used to anchor in the bay, sheltering from the strong Southeast winds. They have become tiny artificial reefs and lots of marine life have made their homes in or on these bottles. Of course today we know the Ocean is not a place to discard trash, especially plastic waste, but we leave these artifacts in the bay so future divers can experience a bit of history and to leave the colonizing marine life undisturbed.

Who we are

Co-owners Antoine and Claus are usually busy behind the scenes building and maintaining the systems that are critical to a remote, off-grid slice of paradise.  The day-to-day trip operations are run by our amazing crew who have many years experience at God’s Pocket and are passionate about providing high-level hospitality and making sure our guests get to safely experience this incredible area to the fullest.